The best way to monetize your app!!!

Hey everyone!
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My name is Tamir and I’m head of marketing at Widdit.
the unique SDK creates a custom lock screen and increases monetization and engagement for android apps.

 Our SDK is fully compliance with Google’s new terms.
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watch the video for more information- HomeBase SDK - Customized Lock Screen For Android App Developers - YouTube

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One of the best way to monetize apps are:
First make it free to install on Google play store so that more and more people can download it.
Put some ads in between levels and games- with the option of removing the ads users have to pay a minimal amount.
Add the option of extra health or extra life for some small amount.

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I have seen a lot app developers wasting their money on app promotion and get nothing return. I prefer to choose free ways to promote my app

such as:

1 Optimize the app title and keywords. When people are looking for apps in app store, they prefer to search some keywords like shooting game, office software and etc. Optimize the title of your app’s title and description is the first thing you should do after you have developed your app.

2 Make an explainer video for your app. Making an explainer video is a very cost and effective app marketing strategy, because it constantly increase the conversion rate of your app. 70% of people prefer to purchase or download app after watched a video, they are also more satisfied than those who didn’t. Because a video could give the user an effective preview of the app, to help they understand an app before they actually own it. There are many great app explainer video service providers such as, and etc.

  1. Start a blog. This is free and quite effective as well. You may announce and update the news of your app, your company and your team in your blog and you will be able to build great publicity for your own organization. The reason is simple, every people love stories.

  2. Submit press release. Entrepreneur Neil Patel says: “Press is the best way to kick start your startup, and the best way to get it is to manually reach out to journalists.” There are some great free press release services as well, for example, and PRlog.

  3. Limited-period free. If you developed a paid app, set it as free for a period of time will boost downloads of your app. Since there are a tons of apps deliver news of which app become free to users everyday. Those apps will help you gain huge publicity and awareness for your app.

  4. Email newsletter. Reading email has become a major activity people do on their smartphones, you can collect users on your website and keep them updated with the news of your app with email newsletters