The best sites to get more App Store reviews & installs (Android and/or iOS)

I have been buying App Store reviews (Android / iOS) for over 3 years for both my Android and iOS apps. There are some websites to buy App Store reviews.

I have some tips for you to stay safe while buying app store reviews.

Safe payment method:
App Store reviews provider has to give you a safe payment method like PayPal, you cannot waste your time and money for nothing right? I would like to choose the App Store reviews provider who accept PayPal as I can request for a refund via PayPal if they scam me.

Make sure the App Store reviews sellers support both iOS and Android:
It’s better to choose only one App Store reviews provider for both iOS and Android as the fewer people know you are buying App Store reviews, the better.

Make sure the App Store reviews are well-written.
The simple reviews like ‘’good app’’ ‘’nice app’’ will never have any impact on boosting your app ranking so make sure your App Store reviews provider provide you good and well-written reviews which contains at least 20 words.

Ensure you will receive a good customer support:
Most App Store reviews provider have automatic payment processors but you will need to speak will a specialist to customize your order like: targeting a specific country, asking to add some keywords into the reviews, asking to space out the reviews etc.

That being said, let’s now see some of the top website to buy app reviews.

[b]MoPeak [/b]is a British company that provides stable relevant reviews made by real users.
ProductHuntis a tech product review website and is surely one of the best platforms to showcase your product to tech enthusiasts.
AppAdvice is another great app review website for iPhone, iPod, and iPad apps
ChartBoostis a mobile advertising network that focuses on direct advertising deals between app developers.

Now you are ready to buy reviews for your app without any fears!