The best mobile ad formats?

Hi Guys, the mobile ads are becoming a hot topic here. I was wondering what kind of mobile ad formats are in the trends? Which ad formats or ad types are the most popular and profitable mobile ads and which ones could bring better revenue and high rpm. Or as your experience, which ones have the potentials and most innovative?

Depending on your app, you could use all available ad units (interstitials, push, icon, banners are the big 4, video is up and coming). One technically doesn’t take away from the other, but be warned some of the more aggressive units will ward off users.

You can try the ad-networks/formats and find the best for your apps. I think startapp+airpush is the good for entertaiment apps, but for games, you can use admob/tapjoy etc.

I see. how about the adwords? like the SEO?

Well…I would choose interstitials and appwalls more, as these two have been keeping a not bad balance between the user experience and eCPM so far.

push ads can send good revenue but it’s too intrusive and will bring some bad reviews from players sometimes. Push notifications: an experiment

I personally hate banners, as their Converting was bad for my case as what is said here Everyone’s a loser with banner ads. Ditch them.

@Dan Would you give more specific info about the big4? do you know where I can find the open source sdk which could intergrate the big 4 formats from different network? Thank you!

Mopub is a good place to start- Not sure if they allow mediation beyond banners. I’m sure someone has some experience with it here.