THE APPS (End) ... Is it possible

Apps in todays world making a revolutionary change, and change the use of smart phone completely. We struggle to get app noticed and downloaded, while most smartphone users ignore the whole idea of app stores. Comscore claims that 65% of people don`t download apps at all, and 42% of people spend their time in one app.

Scary … hmmmmm

And it`s about to get worse. Jamie Carter in Techradar speculate whether mobile apps will be replaced by digital assistants in the nearest future. Smart agents and virtual personal assistants (like Siri) will handle all mobile interactions, using suggestions and user preferences. This assistance won’t be based on one device, rather cloud and combined devices.

With IoT and cloud-based technologies, it may be better to create one single-codebase website than several native apps. Plus Google index apps and letting users stream apps that they do not have installed on their smartphones. This means even less installs then now.

How do you think this mobile app ecosystem will change? Is it possible ?