The 1 Star Review?

The same day I launched my app, I got a 1 star review. Digging in to it, it is from Turkey from a device called gm5_sprout. My app version that they reviewed is “Unknown”. WTH? Is this just some sort of spam? The app is actually quite good. Is there anything I can do about the 1 star?

Thanks all

Aside from continuing to mark it spam, no. The best thing you can do is mark it as unhelpful and hope it gets buried beneath good reviews. I had the same thing happen to me on my second app launch. The user left a nasty, super trolly review. She used her google+ account so I dug deeper and she was a crazy cat lady from Brooklyn, 34 and still lived with her mom. By the time I found out her apt# and address I let it go because I felt sorry for her and her miserable life. I decided not to let her make me miserable, but revenge would’ve been sweet!

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Yeah, there’s no actual text in the review. it’s just a 1 star rating. I looked and I can’t mark it as unhelpful. That’s stupid. It’s total spam. :mad:

If it’s a new app you can always unpublish the app then republish it.