That Admob Impression CTR!!! is this normal??

I need your help guys, i have an app with +100 download a day with 30% from USA. I started using admob interstitial at startup and when the player is dead. The problem is that Impression CTR and Ecpm, it’s too good to be true see the pic please and tell me what should i do to not anger Admob ( i used to get 36% CTR from Revmob and everything was fine ). anyone has the same experience.


Maybe it’s accidental clicks

Probably nothing to really worry about there. When you’re generating a low amount of impressions you often see high RPM/CTRs on many networks.
If you have 10-20k impressions and were still getting data that high you might be concerned.

With that said its still a good idea to have a look at your setup though. Try to make sure ads aren’t being displayed as the user is about to click on UI.

Only your interstitials are having high CTR. Maybe you’re not preloading the intersitials properly and they show up a few seconds later than they should, right when the user is tapping the screen?

Maybe you’re right, the interstitial show up every game over, i think i need to lower down the frequency of ads , 2 maximum. Thank you for your help.

What you need to do is to preload the ads first. And only show the ad once there is one already loaded. If you try to show an ad before it was loaded, it might take a few seconds until it’s available to be displayed to the user and the user might attempt to tap the screen right at the moment when your ad finishes loading and displays.

how to preload the interstitial ad in admob? thanks