Thank your for CromeCast Airpush


Christmas gift

Today , i received an chromecast from Airpush

Thank you :slight_smile:

*Mistake - Thank you(r)

I didn’t get it…:frowning:

Got it too.

Hey I didn’t get one either! Did you get it with your tax documents?

Hey Guys,

Hope you enjoy your chromecasts, this is just a small token of our appreciation for your loyalty, thanks for being apart of the Airpush family.


How do you get one?
I’m with Airpush for a long time but didn’t get one

Did they send the gift on the address from your account tab? Or you had to send them actual address?

If used account adress, mistake! :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t mailbox in my company office, all mails are redirected to post office but no packages ;/

I believe they contacted developers personally to give this holiday gift and not from the account dashboard. Only Phil can tell you how they selected the developers. I am sure they didn’t send it to all the developers.

If you got no email, you won’t get the present.
Btw: THX Airpush

haha, that’s not nice, oh well 2 plus years on weeklies, guess I don’t deserve a $35 chromecast lol

LOL I got the email in november and personally called by airpush guys. Got the chromecast.

I should also shout out to Startapp for giving me a nice Nike T-shirt with Startapp name printed on it. The shirt is worth atleast $30-50

Lol wtf. I’m calling them. What did you earn with them? Pretty sure I made over close to 100k

And yeah I could go buy one but I’m a cheapo.

Airpush one of my best networks I like it even if I didn’t` got CromeCast