Thank you Google for the funny Space Prank rating

Thank you Google for giving me a moment of laughter at this 1 april. I received your 6 star rating from outer space. Fun indeed!
But you know, what I would really appreciate as a developer?
That my serious apps, which take a lot of work, are only rated by the audience I choose. Some of my apps are not meant for children, and not meant for uneducated people that hardly can read or write. Yet, they all seem to be entiteled to give one star ratings, only because they do not understand my apps. Should I consider the feeble minded as a worthy audience? Google Play is a playground for children and the uneducated. They rule.
Your own prank is hilarious and fun for the upper class of well educated and intelligent habitants of this planet.
So please offer me as a developer the possibility to shut out children beneath 16 years of age to try and rate my apps, and target the better educated.
Or better: revise this whole 5 star rating system and adapt the Youtube system. Thumbs up or thumbs down is enough rating, and represents much better the complex reality we live in.

Yeah, I saw it too. It was actually on there like a week ago, in the reviews section.
Anyway, you can just set your apps age restriction. That way kids won’t be able to download your app.

You have a point. In the now replaced rating system I rated my apps for 12 years and over. But these adolescents are bothering me the most, because they are relentless. (‘This app is stupid, I hate it…’ etc.)
So i should consider a ‘highly adult’ rating, which would imply that my apps are in some sort of way harmful for kids and have a sexual content. But they aren’t.
What I protest about is that we developers are considered potentially harmful for the poor vulnarable souls of kids, while in reality we are suffering from these kids. But Google does not offer a system that allows possitive targetting to age, education, social economic status etc.
Another thing is the fraudulent buying of positive ratings. I never considered this, as I do not want to get dirty by doing business with some kind of Russian rating maffia. Google seems to tolerate this however, and the serious hardworking developers are left in the cold. Our reward is a nice april fools day joke. Thanks Google!