Text messages(SMS) how do you feel about them?

Hmm, so lately I’ve figured out that text messages are the most disturbing thing ever to the point where I literally hate them because you cannot screen them. Like it’s instant information out of the blue from people you’d normally screen, you can’t really do that with SMS. Just the idea that someone has the power to give me information when I’m doing something else pisses me off and makes me want to change cellphone number, yet I have no reason to cut-off those persons, they were actually nice to me.

So how do you deal with this issue? Share your experiences.

For me was very hard to deal with it.

I usually don’t use text messages because it’s an inconvenient way for me to transmit information, I prefer calls or video calls through different applications. However, if I have to order something over the Internet, then in this case I use sms online france, and receive notifications about the order or get an access code to track my orders. In this case, SMS messages are useful and even convenient, because couriers of Internet services can not just pick up a phone call and find out about the parcel or the item that I ordered. Sometimes it also happens that a lot of ads come to my phone, so I try not to spread my phone number everywhere.

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