Testing process (from Alpha to Beta) advise needed!

Hi all

I finished my first app (2D platform type game) :smiley: and published it in Alpha on the Play Store. I had 3 Alpha testers who are friends, response was good and this testing allowed me to iron out a few bugs etc…

Now, the next stage is obviously Beta testing. I’m going to promote the APK to Beta in the Play Store, but what I would like to know is:

Is it a good idea to use ‘friends of friends’ as beta testers? These would be people who I don’t know personally, but obviously there will be some indirect connection between us. They also won’t be developers (as far as I know). Is this a good way to obtain testers?!

Also, what is a good number for beta testing? I’m thinking around 10?

As this is my first ever app, I’m not sure what the best approach is and would appreciate the advice of more experienced developers.

Thanks all, any help appreciated!!

You should try to get beta testers who will be actually your app’s correct target segment. That way you are getting feedback from unbiased userbase who is actually expected to use your production app.

Opinions from friends might be biased.

Number of testers is insignificant : you need to be comfortable with bugs vs features and decide what is ok for a production launch :slight_smile:

All the best!

Thank makuchaku! Do you have any tips on finding testers?!

Forums are alway a good start I think
Social network too since your followers are obviously interested on your work :slight_smile: