Test my app on Galaxy Tab 3

Does any one here has Galaxy Tab 3. Want to test my app. Users complaining that it force closes.

Pls. PM

Do you know there is real test Samsung device remoting via emulator at seller.samsungapps.com?
Register for a Samsung dev account, then they let you test about 6 type of samsung devices freely 3 hours a day. 20 points actually, 1 point for 15 minutes.
Im not sure but maybe there is Tab 3 in the list.
A bit lag, but able to test :slight_smile:

I don’t have a Tab 3 and can’t test your app.

However, here is some information that might help: the Tab 3 10" is using an Intel Atom x86 processor. All the other Tab 3s (7" and 8") are ARM based.

I don’t know what you’re using to develop your apps but if you’re using Adobe AIR then you should know Adobe AIR is not compatible with x86 processors and such devices have huge performance problems when running AIR apps.

I have Samsung 10 inches, let me know if you want help.

I have nexus 7 Kitkat if you want to test pm me

Thanks but I need only Galaxy Tab3 7inches.

I think Youwave android emulator can be configured to different android flavours and screen size.

though i only used it before publishing the updated app.

may be you are already knowing.about it.

I have a galaxy Tab 3 a white one, its like 600x1024 resolution incase your wondering