Terrible experience with AppBucks

I had terrible experience with AppBucks.
I integrate their sdk with my apps, all ads are up and running but the earnings in my accounts are zero.
I tried to contact thier support with no success. I never got any responce from them.
Just stay away. I DON’T reccomend to try them.

yup. Not recommended for long term association. Their ecpm for push/icon is less than banner of admob

I try it last some days and generate 1k+ impressions,but the ecpm and earning is all zero!

Hmm, I haven’t had any issues with AppBucks, except when they messed up their first payment to me. Other than that I can’t complain.

Yeah, I haven’t heard much bad about AppBucks either… Their support is really good from what my brother has experienced.

The plus point is their sdk isn’t flashed as virus.

And it also uses like half of the permissions other equivalent SDKs require!

Hey guys,

Thanks for the accolades and the continued conversation.

Aviv, I’m very sorry that you have had a bad experience. I’m on the contact list and haven’t received any correspondence through there. Can you please PM me with your account details? I’d love to help you out.

Lovexia, can you please PM me with your details, too? I can dig into your account and see if there is a legitimate issue or maybe its the way you have integrated the SDK.

I’m an engineer on the team and I’m here for any questions and / or issues that anyone has.



I pm’ed you me details.
Waiting for your response.

Thank you, aviv. I replied.