Terrible CTR on Admob

Hey Guys been using Admob Banner Ads for While not getting many clicks. Before I had about 3000 Impressions per day and only getting about 5 Clicks, which are only making about few cents per clicks.

I redesigned my App and Made it Show more Ads now it’s like 20,000 impressions yet my Clicks are still like 5 - 10 clicks Per Day, making about 20 cents per day. More Impressions is just helping thew situtation.

I remember I used to get a lot more clicks and average CTR was like 0.50%, now it’s like 0.05%. Is it me or Banners Ads getting worse and worse?

I’ve got everything on Admob as Standard, Have not changed anything.

Well admob is the network that covers most regions of world, but one thing about abmob that i never understood …

1)Admob makes it a point that if you do not make a proper bid for a country your ads do not show , so say the minimum bid for country x is 5 …

2)Now if they are making 5 from advertiser why they are paying only 1 to publisher, the admob people are taking away 90% of money giving us 10%…

3)Also they are changing the way they count impressions , making it difficult for publisher …

4)The highest source of revenue for google , so it can waste money on driverless car, mobile and launch satellites…

All these top companies are openly cheating but well , we are too small to do any thing about it…


I am making $200 these days from admob which i used to make $400 three months back.

Since its not only admob, all big networks are like this. So there is no point to try and test daily new networks.

Looks like its worse time for mobile ads.

Are there any hopes for improvement?

Not in near time unfortunately.

I hope that Christmas campaigns will be higher for perfomance.

Try this:

  1. Block categories
  2. Block ad networks (all apps)
  3. Block these urls: How to Increase Google Adsense Earning By Blocking Low Paying Ads