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Guys I just want to ask how can a 16 year old like me publish my app and monetize through putting ad on my app? just want to ask Thanks. Is it illegal to use my parents info for registering in google play or admob?

You will need to ask them at a minimum. Best advice is to be up front about what you want to do, why you think it will be good for you to do this, and how much you expect it to cost.

It will depend on where you live, and the terms & conditions of the advertising networks you sign up for. I can’t give you legal advice, but here’s my personal opinion :slight_smile:

Definitely ask your parents before using their name anywhere. If they give consent, you could basically be “acting on their behalf” (i.e. legally speaking, they own the account, but they have authorised you to do anything & everything with it!)

That would be one way to do things. Some sites though, may be perfectly happy to pay a 16 year old. I think this is more a matter of finance than anything else (i.e. Do you have a bank account to deposit the payments in? Can you accept checks in your name?). That would probably be the major issue.

If you’re all ok to receive payment, I’d recommend just send an email to the advertising networks (like AdMob, InMobi, LeadBolt, Millennial Media) and ask them about what their particular requirements are. It can’t hurt to ask!

I would be a little wary of using your parents as a proxy for this. Depending on your location, this could have tax implications for them. As an example, in the UK I’ve been advised by HMRC that this could define someone as a sole trader and so they would have to fill out a tax return, NIC (or exemption), etc. Having said that, you could probably talk to HMRC 5 times and get 5 different answers … anyway, worth fully checking out.

Thanks for all the replies guys. I will do the advices that you have said and later I will ask my parents if I could use their name for registering on google play and ad networks. THANKS :))

I am also 16 years old.
I did the same as you; asked my parents to sign up for the accounts. I use AdMob who pays through PayPal. In order to sign up for PayPal you need to be at least 18 (if outside the US) so I just thought it would be easier if My parents were the ‘owner’ of all accounts.

About taxes - I’m not sure to be honest. I never thought I’d earn enough That I’d have to worry about that (I think you can earn a certain amount à year which Will be considered income from à hobby and that Will be tax-free. At least in Sweden. However I’ll have to check That up soon as the earnings are just getting higher Every day :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: sorry for Any spelling mistakes/caps on the wrong places - I blame that on autocorrect :smiley:

In europe you are allowed to earn a bit of money tax free - depening on country. But as far as I know you have to declare your income at the end of the year.

I am pretty sure, the best option is to make everything over your parents, as long as you are not 18 years old :slight_smile:

I haven’t spoken to HMRC yet, but after a lot of reading I’m pretty sure this the case, although ‘sole trader’ isn’t a specific entity like a limited company, it just means you have registered to complete a self-assessment tax return. I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading since I’m hoping to release my first app sometime soon. I’m not ready to release yet so I’m hanging on. I’ve always been (and still am) a rank and file employee so this is all new to me. :smiley:

In the UK at least below a certain threshold (I think it’s currently around the £8,000 mark) you don’t have to worry about it. But I have a full time job and so am already over the threshold so any additional income will count. To me though anything will be a bonus since I’ve always been a hobbyist programmer. :slight_smile:

Spud, take a look around for the forms on NIC exemption. Technically as a sole trader, even though you’re likely paying NIC through your normal payroll, you’d have to make additional contributions, but below certain income from those activities the contributions can be waived with an exemption form.

I believe there’s also technically a three month window to register once you are “trading”. That, along with the fact that HMRC have incredibly fuzzy lines between hobby and trading, probably keep you safe for a bit post release.

BTW, it’s worth registering for self assessment even if you don’t already. It’s pretty easy to fill in from your P60 if you are on PAYE anyway and I’ve found that HMRC can’t do basic sums!

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