Making Money with Android

Technology behind Ad serving

I was curious as to how do ad networks come to know about the nature of app and serve similar kind of ads as the app itself. For e.g. I have seen many ad networks serve music related ads in music players or music streaming apps.

How do they do it?

There are a few ways to match similar apps - using the category of app, keywords, etc.
For Appnext - the server “learns” each placement in the system, until it “knows” which promotions will generate the highest eCPM for the publisher. Of course, for music (your example) - music related apps will convert better.

Oh that’s why in appnext dashboard I see placement are in learning mode in first 48 hours. Thanks Jonathan.

  1. Category of your app
  2. some ad network use your browsing history to get what you are looking/interest. You may want to read more about interest based advertising

In addition to the above, for premium large apps there can be bespoke campaigns running as they can be hand-picked directly by the advertisers.