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  • In the ranks since 2011
  • 120 million teasers impressions per day
  • 200,000 active teasers
  • 27 sites categories
  • 18 subjects ads

What we can offer right now:

  • A large number of active sites and advertisers
  • Wide range of targeting, allowing for maximum accuracy to reach target audience
  • A huge and regularly updated database of teasers that our advertisers can use
  • Convenient features for tracking and creating black/white lists.
  • Daily monitoring and removal of low quality sites (manual + automatic filters)
  • Support 24/7

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New payment systems!

Dear publishers, now you can use two another variants to receive the earned money - PayPal payments and Paxum.
In addition, for the convenience of advertisers PayPal payment system is connected also to recharge.
We wish you high earnings and the maximum effect from advertising!

Summer campaign for advertisers “Summer – warmed up with bonus”


Please evaluate the efficiency of “Action code” on Teasermedia.net!

Only in summer* while setting “Action code” on the advertised site, you’ll not only evaluate the efficiency of advertising, but also will compensate the part of expenses!

All advertisers who will take advantage of present opportunity will be credited with weekly bonus 10% of cash spent on advertising.

Moreover, during the action for all advertisers who settled “Action code” will be arranged free promotional teasers and provided personal account manager, who will assist you at any stage while working with Teasermedia.net!

Login to your account and set “Action code”, click here

If you have any questions, please contact Support. Always ready to help you!

Wrong audience…

Hello! A little good news for you today!

Updates for advertisers:
automatic substitution of the UTM-tags, use of the same text for all the teasers of the campaign, teasers transfer from one campaign to another.

Moreover, great news for webmasters:
new function of “Dedicated domain” now available on Teasemedia.net!

In addition, we introduced payment solution Payoneer to receive funds for you convenience.
If you want to check details please contact the Support.

New Year with a plus! We compensate 10% of your expenses!

New Year with a quality traffic and more income!

Every Monday from12th of November 2014 till 28th of December 2014, you will be rewarded with 10% per funds spent on advertising*.

Campaign terms and conditions:

In order to improve the advertising efficiency of your brand or services, please set the “Action code” to the advertised site and get bonuses**.

If you do not have opportunity to set a standard action code, but you would like to track the performance of transitions in other affiliate programs –use a new function Postback Url, and get the detailed information on each incoming conversion.
Teasermedia.net automatically collects data from all traffic sources and for each concrete advertisement.

If you need information how to set the “Action code” or use Postback Url, please contact Support.

New Year – this is just a good time to join Teasermedia.net and promote your brand by attracting only the target audience.
Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season!

*Funds credited on account within campaign, can be spend on advertising and not subject to withdrawal.
**10% bonuses awarded only during the promotional period, while campaign is finished – bonus % per installation will be 3%.

20% of referrals until New Year!

We invite all referres to compete for serious bonuses per income.
Only during the advertising campaign from 12th of November 2014 till 28th of December 2014, you can increase the income from referrals in 4 times by engaging the websites owners into system!

Campaign terms and conditions:

The base amount for percentage of referral fees determination includes earnings ratio of engaged Publishers and expenses ratio of engaged Advertisers. The more income of your referrals, the higher your percentage.

Increased referrals payments* apply only for engaging the websites owners during the advertising campaign.


Please use advertising materials for more successful referrals engaging.

Be active referrer, maximize use of all the features of the network and increase your earnings**!

Happy New Year and high incomes with Teasermedia.net!

*Increased referrals payments apply for all referrals of the partner, regardless of time of engaging.
**Referral fee charged in real time and available to withdraw at standard conditions – on Thursdays.

Additional percent to your incomes!

New Year marathon gifts starts on Teasermedia.net!
From 12th of November 2014 till 28th of December 2014 every Publisher will geta great opportunity to increase the income!

Campaign terms and conditions:

Continuous work with Teasermedia.net!
1gift: +1% per income!
2 gift (in 1 day): +2% per income!
3 gift (in 3 days): +5% per income!
4 gift (in 5 days): +7% per income!
5 gift (in 7 days): +10% per income!
6 gift (in 10 days): +15% per income!Will be valid every day until the end of the campaign!

Did you get the first gift? Intensify your efforts and get ready to take the next one!*

To obtain the maximum number of gifts, use all available tools in the network Teasermedia.net:

  • add new sites;
  • maximize the use ofteaser blocks constructor capabilities;
    -allocate thecode via the dedicated domain;
  • include as much topics of ads as possible, available for display.

If you need recommendations to increase the income, please contact Support. We are always glad to assist you!

We would like to thank everyone who has been with us this year, and look forward to further fruitful cooperation in the New Year, 2015!

Happy New Year and high incomes with Teasermedia.net!

*In order to receive the next New Year gift and keep its action within a specified period, do not allow transitions decrease. The number of transitions should not drop more than 50% compared to the previous day. If at some stage there was decrease – the additional percent per income back to 1% and you have the opportunity to start marathon once again continuing to receive gifts from Teasermedia.net!
The gifts percent’s accrual occurs automatically according to the rules of the campaign.