Target Circle CPI campaigns

Hi All

Please find below an small example of campaigns that Target Circle are running.

We work direct with clients (or associated advertising agency) & our remit is to create private networks for them in order to bring quality traffic sources on CPI campaigns. We do not allow re-brokering or media buyers as these are forbidden by clients & only dilutes your CPI.

We are opening up a number of new campaigns for February & selecting those that we know convert well

Soda Saga - Live
19 countries
Android CPI upto $5.05
(iPhone upto $2.89)
(iPad upto $3.99)
Flight time – open
48 hour notice for campaign changes/pause

Game of War - Launch 29th Jan
Global campaign
Android CPI upto $5.22
(iPhone upto $5)
(iPad upto $5.53)
Flight time - open
48 hours notice for campaign changes/pauses

All campaigns run S2S with no SDK required. Simple postback.

Payment terms - 1 week max

I have full country breakdown on CPI available.

If you would like to test Target Circle with these please let me know. Or for additional information on new campaigns you would like to see, PM me or Skype is @ nickstebbs

I will arrange for an account to be created for you & our tech guys are always on call to assist.

We are happy for you to test at agreed levels so would need to know approx install numbers by day.

We are working with new apps & apps with 10m+ users. We focus on quality rather than size of users.

Be great to get some feedback as to the information provided & if there is anything else you would like included. We want to know our partners personally so that we provide the best service to both advertiser & traffic source. I will be adding to this thread regularly if this is good for the group.

Look forward to hearing back