Tapjoy Video Ads Revenue

Hello everybody !

I am trying to figure out which ads network to use for my mobile game and I would like to know how much you can earn ( approximatively ) with tapjoy, for a single video ads being seen.

These video are not cancelable ( or the reward is not unlock ) and I am asking revenue for a single view, since I am not enough confortable with CPM, eCPM and all that stuff =p

Thank you !

$0,002 - $0,005 per video.
In 2nd tier country in Europe. They have only 2 videos in the inventory for my country at the moment of writing this, so I don’t think they are the best option for videos. I’d go with adcolony or vungle.

Thanks allagainstyou !

2 videos seems light actually…

I have just given a look at adcolony and vungle. Since we are using unity3D to develope our game, maybe adcolony could be the best choice for us.

Do you also know adcolony earning per video ? Is it payed for viewing and not only by installing after viewing ?

Again, thank you very much !


If you’re looking to monetize your apps with video I would suggest using AerServ mediation. We offer branded video ads along with support of various other top video networks such as: AdColony, Vungle, iAds, InMobi and soon Tapjoy as well. With our mediation platform you’re able to diversify your video campaigns and payouts. Additionally you’ll have higher global fill rate and revenue as you’re working with various networks instead of putting all your eggs in one basket.

You can try new networks out or even pause them on the fly with our platform via our API connection. No single ad network will provide you with overall high fill rate and CPMs but with mediation you can ensure you’re getting highest CPMs and fill rate per GEO.

Let me know if you would like a demo of our platform or email/ping me if you have any questions.

[email protected]| Philiptse85 - SkypeID


Thank you for your advice Philitpse!

I’ll give it a look !
But I am starting to be confused … Everytime I think my choice is made, someone told me about a new ad network, better than the previous, with higher fill rates, eCPM …

I didnt except that part of my game developement being so complicated =p

all say all better ecpm
I will try aerser and say you if is true

welcome… :slight_smile: enjoy … see my signature :slight_smile:

AerServ is not an ad network, we are an SSP and monetization platform. We dont claim to have the highest CPMs or fill rate…BUT with our platform you can achieve close to 100% fill rate and get higher overall revenue by setting up a waterfall of ad networks ensuring your highest paying ad networks gets first priority. While we have our own demand and offer competitive pricing we always suggest publishers to monetize with multiple networks and to NEVER put all your eggs in one basket.

Getting setup is extremely simple and we support most our networks via API, this means no more having to integrate multiple SDKs as you currently need to do with Admob.

Create a free account here: https://www.aerserv.com/


For the drawback of mediation, you need to integrate a very very large size SDK into your app, which makes your download rate drop rapidly.