Tapjoy close Incentive Downloads ?

PLEASE NOTE: At this time Tapjoy is planning to deprecate the Daily Rewards unit. Publishers who have previously set up Daily Rewards will still be supported, but the functionality will be removed in future SDKs. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

The “Daily Rewards” unit was a unit where the user could earn some virtual currency by coming back to the application every day. They’d also get more of the virtual currency for every consecutive day they open the application.
See this image for an example:

It has nothing to do with their incentivized downloads/offerwall.

Sorry for my question but I want to ask how long does it take for the Virtual currency to be enabled? I am new with tapjoy and I have created a virtual currency couple of days ago, I have also mail tapjoy for enabling my currency but still nothing yet. Does it usually take that much time for approving virtual currency?

I don’t remember the exact time it took them to approve my virtual currency but if i remember correctly it didn’t take more than a few days.
With the first app where I integrated TapJoy I remember I sent the email to the wrong address, after emailing them on the real email address they replied and approved it within a couple of hours so you might want to double check that you sent it to the correct email address :slight_smile:

Thanks Solirify, I got my currency enabled some hours ago :slight_smile:

Do you have example how to integrate the daily reward? tnx