TapJoy banner or AdMob banner ads


In the next days we are planing to release our new endless runner and here I need you suggestion. We have already implemented TapJoy to get gold for completing offers…

Now we are looking for Ads solution, as we do not want to insult our players with full screen Ads, because they will give lots of negative ratings and uninstall the app, so we are going to use only banner ads and TapJoy offer wall.

So could you advice or we should use TapJoy banner Ads or AdMob banner Ads?

Any comments, suggestions and advices are welcome !



BTW, can we even use TapJoy with other network at the same time?

Has anyone never used them?

You can show Tapjoy banner ads - which are basically advertising one of the offers in the offerwall.

However, I think Google/Admob now discourages using multiple banner ads.

In terms of revenue - I have not tested Tapjoy banner ads vs. Admob banner ads for a live app - to be able to say if Tapjoy banner ads are worth showing, but I have used Tapjoy so users can earn coins etc. however, the revenue from Tapjoy is not significant - which may vary between apps (depending on how desirable the features are).

But you cannot go wrong with Admob banner ads. You could use AppBrain Remote Settings or some such method to remotely switch between the two choices - and then you will know directly what works best for your app.

I’d really like for you to try out our network, mobiMicro. Our network actually adds new revenue to your app on top of whether you use Admob or Tapjoy. We place a product listing inside your app via a menu/button and you make a CPC on every time a product is viewed by one of your fans. We do have a few endless runner games in our network so we can definitely have a great solution for you. Come to our site to learn more and sign up: mobiMicro - The First “Product” Network | A mobile product advertising network that connects merchants to active mobile shoppers.

To answer your question, I would recommend using an aggregator like mopub or appbrain to just test the networks against each other at the same time. No need to corner yourself into one network because that’s way too risky for an app developer when no ad campaigns are being fulfilled. You’ll be at the mercy of their sales people to close on a big ad spend deal.