TapIt Revenue decreases

Hello, I’m a new publisher to android, I have been using TapIt lately, I have not made much revenue but what I noted that the earnings I’m making are decreasing, this happens twice. the last time I had the following in my account summary:

Total Pending Earnings: 182$
Funds Availabe to Resquest: 35$

next day I found:

Total Pending earnings: 148$
Funds Availabe to Request: 0.0$

any idea what happened? why they have deducted the 35$ from my earnings? I tried to contact them but they are not responding.

Update to my case:

After I posted in this forum, I have been contacted by the director of publishing of Tapit bussiness, he promised to solve the issue, at the end of this month I have been paid, total of 183$ to my paypal account, my current balance shows 94$ after I got paid, I have sent my traffic back to Tapit and I hope they will keep working this way, I hope no other issue will arise in future as their earning is significantly higher than other networks I tried such as Leadbold, Tap for Tap, Admob, Flurry, Tapjoy, mobFox and Revmob.

How’s the Interstitial Ads - Full Screen earnings so far compare with AppBrain, Revmob or Admob?

I can’t tell you about their Full screen Ads, as I used only their banner ads, I only used Chartboost for full screen, even though their fill rates is low, but their earning are good and the way they present the ads is unique, I didn’t like the way how TapIt presents the full screen ads, it shows an add that covers all the screen with very small (x) button on left top some users could not see it so they complained about it, and from the way the TapIt full ads is displayed users think that they have been redirected or left the application. comparing to the way how chartboost display full ads, chartboost way is neat and appealing. it plays nice animation for ads enter and exit, it doesn’t also occupy 100% of screen size, it takes only around 80% of the screen and the ad is centred, on the edges users will still be able to see your game in the background blurred, so they know they are still in the same app, and it is easy to find the (x) button to close the add. however I recieved some emails from TapIt saying the the eCPM for full ads are 3$ or 2.5$.

Hi talaween. Thanks for your explanation. I just receive an email from TapIt and unsure about their history. Chartboost is good but only for game. They reject any utility app