Tapcontext Payment

Because of Airpush low cpm these days I decided to try an other network and I chose Tapcontext , and after two days the revenue was good with a $1.28 CPM overall and a 140$ revenue per day .
but now I just found out even that they pay weekly , the payment is 35% of the revenue and that was shocking because even the worse networks pay over Net90 and not on 6 months.
so what do you think about this payment method , and is there any other network that you recommend to use instead of Tapcontext and Airpush ?

nowadays it’s really hard to find good network… I used Tapcontext and they are paying me on time, but their payment system is really weird… I think that Airpush is not so bad, really…

im using the Tapcontext for about 2 months. in my first week, i was happy like you. but my ecpm and revenue dropped then.

I’ve found TapContext to be prompt and consistent with payments. And I might be going against the flow, but I actually don’t mind the payment system they have (where you only get part of the revenue up-front, and the rest is paid out over the following months). When the Play Store content policies changed, I had to remove out-of-app advertising from all my apps. For most networks, this meant my earnings dropped to nearly zero straight away. But with TapContext, they’re still paying me ongoing earnings from the last 3 months I’ve been using them. So it’s acting as a “buffer”, which means I keep getting paid while trying to adjust my apps for the new policies.

In terms of other networks - what sort of ad formats are you looking for?

Well now I’m using the push of Tapcontext and also their interstitial with a back up of the smartwall of Airpush in case Tapcontext doesn’t have an inventory , and I’m mixing the Banner ad of Tapcontext and Airpush even though they are giving me a low cpm.
my main app where I use this networks is outside of the market with 500.000 active user monthly

Well if your users are from outside the market, you could try SendDroid for push notifications and interstitial/offerwall/dialog ads. I’ve used them in the past with reasonable results. LeadBolt also offer the same ad formats, but I haven’t used push ads from either of these networks since the policy update. If you’re just looking for something stable with a high fill rate, try AppBrain’s interstitial/banner combo.

If you’re doing interstitials though, I wouldn’t use just one network. I’d plug them into mediation (either AdMob or MoPub) so that you can change network allocations on-the-fly. Actually, MoPub interstitials have been giving me >$2 eCPM lately, so they might be worth a try as well.

If you’ve got a lot of US users, then Pingjam could also be a good option. I’ve just started using them and they seem to have a good non-intrusive ad implementation. Especially for apps with a high retention rate.

Thank you for insights, I’ll try to use Mopub with some interstitial ads from the networks you cited , and what about MobileCore , are they any good ?

I’ve used MobileCore interstitials a little. Been getting ~$2 eCPM lately, which is about the same as MoPub Marketplace. Can’t hurt to include them - even if it’s just for variety, so users don’t keep seeing the same old ads! :slight_smile: I’m keen to try their “slider” format as well, since that looks like quite an innovative unit.

I believe that if you’re getting more traffic from US, eCPM should be more higher since mine is at $4 eCPM and most of my users are from SouthEast Asia. MobileCore’s slider ad unit is doing a little impact on increasing the revenue and it is more to increase user engagement.