Tap Crazy and Rebound

OK, I’ll take a crack. Here is a graph of the last 90 days from admob.


This is the install figures for the two apps that generated this.

Tap Crazy

And here are revenue figures for the last thirty days for the two games:

Fill Rate

If I only had 10x the installs, I would be doing well right now.

Rebound has crazy high CTR of 8.75% and an eCPM $3.45.
Tap Crazy is also good, I guess, at 3.45% and $1.45 respectively.

I am guessing that a lot of these clicks are accidental clicks while playing. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I haven’t seen any comments on it on the Market or through email. I do offer ad free versions of each for 99 cents and have had a trickle of downloads for each, about 150 all together.

I too am interested in your eCPM and CTR figures. They are amazing and I have often wondered if game developers have the advantage here because of the potential frantic game playing fingers accidently clicking on the ad. My app is a weather app, but averages an eCPM of only $0.29 over the last 30 days with a CTR of 0.61% (with AdMob) on 130k impressions. From my own research on the web, a CTR of about 1% is usually seen as respectable, but you, David (2.8% for banner ads) and Johannes (http://droid-blog.net/2012/01/04/android-income-report-8-december-11/) are doing so well!

I’d love to know how to improve on my CTR. It seems bizarre to me that we likely serve the same ads in our applications but yours (and others who have shared) have much much higher CTR and therefore eCPM.

Thanks for sharing anyway, its very inspiring.

Looks great - a lot better than i ever got with AdMob. If you can keep increasing your user base, hopefully that revenue will grow proportionally too.

I’m pretty sure AdMob does adjust their figures to account for accidental clicks. At least, when the user hits “back” immediately after clicking, which I always do when I accidentally click something. They mention on the dashboard that income figures may be adjusted at the end of the month.

You’re right, 1% is a pretty common CTR from what I’ve seen around the web. But the click-through rate can be deceiving sometimes. An ad with a high CTR might have a low cost per click, while a less clicked ad could pay more. So it’s important to not just look at the CTR. I find eCPM and RPM figures to be a lot more useful when evaluating the effectiveness of an ad network.

An eCPM anywhere over $1 is normally quite good (assuming the fill rate is decent). I’ve only ever got about $0.30 from AdMob, but other networks such as LeadBolt, Inner-Active and Madvertise have worked better for me in the eCPM field. Unfortunately these networks also have a lower fill rate, so I haven’t actually done the maths to determine which offers the best RPM yet.

Some new admob stats. This is now for three games. I introduced Caveman Pool, which is really doing poorly, but my overall revenue went up nicely compared to the prior 30 day period.

Fill Rate

The biggest difference is that Tap Crazy is now my main money maker. It is generating the lions share of the impressions and therefore the profit, but since it’s eCPM is lower than Rebound, my overall eCPM went down significantly. Actually, eCPM has dropped for all of my games, but I am still making more money and it is still over a buck, so I am ok with it.

Unfortunately, I am kinda stuck on my next game. I told myself I wouldn’t do this, but I have started and stopped about three games already and really have very little to show for it except some unfinished projects. I am falling apart on my plan to crank out games.