Tap context not processing my payments from last 3 months


Tap Context not processing my payments , and support also not replying from last 3 months , this is my worst experience ever

@surilnair have you tried emailing someone from Tap Context by their personal email? You may want to try finding a rep via LinkedIn. Have you tried Tapit!? We are known for the best customer service and support for an ad network. Check us out.

i found 4,5 emails i mailed them all , i posted on there twitter account , posted a message on their facebook account and even made several posts on forums like these , but still no replies . I just want to know as a developer cant we take any legal actions against them ?:mad:

it’s sad, but we can’t do anything… I lost about 2k$ with them… But what we can do?

isn’t there something under law through which we can take action against them ?

yes you can they are USA based I think