Tablet Tower Defense

I may have never announced Tablet Tower Defense here? This was my first game for android and now it has got a new update!

To be honest, I get some new comments from players who liked the game very much but were missing some features and reported some bugs.

That was enough energy for me to make a new update for the game - even when this one was heavily pirated. Since some months there is google licensing integrated, which may have stopped the hobby pirates but not sure about it :slight_smile:

So well, Short description about the game: Classic Tower Defense on a hexagonal grid with a nice twist:

Beside the usual gameplay, there are “blocked fields” on the gamefield. After every 10th wave of creeps, you will get a token. With this token you can transform the blocked fields to bonus fields.

On the other hand - if a creep manages to break through your defense, THEY will reveal a blocked field, which then will work against you.

For example such a token can transform a blocked field to a slow-down field. Every creep will be slower on that field. If a creep transforms a blocked field into a slow-down-field, they will get FASTER through that field.

If a creep breaks through and there are no more blocked fields left, the game is over and you lost.

Since the latest update, scoreloop is implemented, so you can compare your highscore with other players.

There is a free (ad supported) version available:

but also an adfree version:

here you can read the full update post :wink:
ah - it may be possible that the update needs a bit of time to be available, so wait for v1.3 !!! only google play store!