Switching categories

What will happen if I switch a category for a mildly popular, old game? Will it drop in rankings? Will it be back when I switch back where it was?

as far as I know the amount of weekly downloads determines the rank, category ranks go off the same numbers so if you go from category A to category B and back to category A, you should preserve the ranks.

I’ve only went from category A to category B, and didnt see much change

I had two similar apps - with similar rankings - but for the second app I changed the Category - and then may have changed it back.

Some time later that app suddenly dropped from the rankings list - and I mean going from being top 500 in 15 or more countries (as reported by appannie.com) to being absolutely not ranked in ANY country.

I have often wondered if it was because of the category change stuff - but it could be more likely be a possible “banning” in terms of rankings or something - or maybe the app may have similar name as another - so Google “bans” such apps from rankings or something. So I don’t really know.