Swift APK Beta - Easily Port Flash Games to Android

Hey Guys,

Hope all is well! Just wanted to reach out because I’ve been working on a cool tool I’d like to share with you guys. I’ve made a site where you can take flash SWF files and make them into APK’s within seconds. You’ll also have the power to activate advertisements within the APK as well, so you can make easily revenue ! Requires no programming knowledge. It’s only been live for a few days and have some big flash portals utilizing it such as: FreeOnlineGames.com and XGen Studios.

Free to use, so go ahead and register an account at http://www.swiftapk.com/ and let me know your thoughts! Also note it is in beta but mostly everything is complete and it should be out of beta within the next two weeks.


Swift APK

what a shit… :expressionless:
Make apk from swf and share your portal with airpush earnings are you %#^?
Everyone who is smart can make own apk from swf file, it’s couple minutes of work and not give you one cent.

very cool !!!
three comments:

  1. change the sign-up page design…due to the lack of color contrast it took me 2 minutes to figure out where this “plus sign” icon was.

  2. if you built Airpush push ads and icon ads into the system, why didn’t you include SmartWall ? I personally wouldn’t use it until it has SmartWall, because I have been using that for my interstitials and it rocks.

  3. really great web app interface, very impressive.

Hi ramzixp, lots of respect! I fully understand how you could make your own APK from a SWF file and you are free to do so. Except this isn’t just a simple SWF to a webview, it has fully customizable multi-touch on screen buttons as well. This product was mainly aimed at users with not as much Android engineering experience, to give them an easy way to bring their content to mobile. Our partners so far have been very happy with the results.

Swift APK also includes a lot of tools that I designed such as an App Rater and soon a Friend Inviter to help grow out the applications more.

Glad to see you like it :).

  1. I totally understand your woes about the login/signup design, that page will be getting an overhaul soon along with a public corp site, but for now we are still in beta so it serves its purpose.

  2. We actually use the AirPush SmartWall already, it’s automatically enabled for all of the applications created with Swift APK. I still need to make this visible on the UI for users to see and an option to turn it off.

  3. Thanks! As a young developer, I’m all about bleeding edge technologies. So I designed the entire interface using ajax and jQuery to make things super simple and fluid.