Survey: Do you develop apps for multiple plattforms?

Hi App-Developer,

during my master thesis about why developer publish their apps on multiple app plattforms i perform a research study about this.

It would be very great, if you fill out a short questionnaire which should take not more then 5-8 minutes to complete. As a reward for participation you can enter a lottery to win an iTunes, Google Play or Amazon coupon (25 € or $ 25).

You will also have the opportunity to receive a summarized report of the study in order to compare yourself with the performance of others.

Your survey data will only be used anonymously. IP Adresses will be not saved!

Please enter the survey by use this Link.

Thank you for your support!


  1. In which country do you currently live?

Gives me an error. “The answer is invalid”

I am a bit cynical but I have a feeling the survey exists just to get our e-mail addresses combined with a simple information about our apps - and we might get spam after that about new “hybrid apps” platform from this. :wink: If not, I apologise, but I often wonder how many of such surveys are really for master thesis and how many are for spammers. :slight_smile:

The survey seems to have been published through an university website, so it looks credible. Although, I am unable to complete it because of an error :frowning: