Suppose you earned $1 million from an app, what will you do with that money?

I’d spend half of it in developing more and more apps :slight_smile:

I have A LOT of app ideas in mind

But that’s just me, what about you guys?

Pay my debt.
Improve existing apps.
Creating more apps and games on multiple platforms.
Getting into new avenues for earning money.

Retire :D…

I would create an ad network, and stick to my niche of apps. One way to loose all your money is to try too many ideas and fail at all of them.

start new company

I would half-retire and travel around the world. By half retire I mean hire people to update the games for me and spend no more than 3-6 months a year doing new games and working 4 hours a day maximum. :slight_smile: I am lazy but I am also a workoholic sometimes (but only sometimes).

Yeah I think it would be easy to get bored if you just stopped working before a certain age. Good plan! :slight_smile:

I think that it is good plan too. So let’s start with first point: earn 1m$:) GO!

Just a thought. Which network can pay $1M. startapp advertises that they have paid $10M till now. Need to integrate hell lot of networks (mediation)
Did some calculation,if you want to earn 1M in one month, you need to earn $33333.33 daily and 2222220 impressions daily with ecpm of $1.5.

Now dare meet those numbers.

The answer is: IAP.

My dream is to buy the company i work for currently and then assign the work of creating art stuff and cartoons to my manager.

I just added IAP a few days ago to my game that is getting around 100 downloads a day (12k active users) and I’m yet to sell something. I wonder what is an average for sells/installs.

It heavily depends on country of your users and on what and how you are selling I suppose. For my one game that has IAP it seems completely random - sometimes a week when people buy like crazy (recently two people in one day from two different countries bought an in-game currency for more than $100 for some reason) and then two months almost nothing…

1 million isn’t enough to retire comfortably. Especially if you’re younger than 40.

If I make one million very quickly. I’d sorta a small company and try to make more millions. Once I get around 20million in my personal bank. I’d hire someone to run the company while I retire

@dav800 - again, depends on country. In Poland for example it is enough (it gives you a potential rent of 2-4 times the normal salary of a programmer for the rest of your life including effects of inflation, even if you bought a house or a car - within reason of course). And you wouldn’t really retire completely, your apps would still earn or you could sell the whole account/company etc. making that $1M into more. So it is enough. But no one will stop - your post shows that. :slight_smile: You wouldn’t stop after that 20M either, we always set a new goal to reach.

Lets face it guys, no one will freaking retire here, I’ll retire when I am dead. With $1M you will all want more.

Invest into stock and live of dividends.

Probably open some kind of business. Something that’s different from app-making, with a more steady income.

I want to open a mobile development company that gets projects from different companies and make them (not dependent on users). So if I earn that million, I would start doing that the next day. Otherwise it will take some time

Unfortunately but one million is not that much in fact, also it depends, is that before or after tax, where you live, where you are filling tax returns etc.