Summer rates

Hello guys!

I’m happy to inform you that we changed our model back to fixed rates!
From now on, our partners would have the ability to forecast their cash flow according to their downloads amount.
See how lucrative our rates are:

US + CA + AU 10$ daily cpm
Europe + NZ 5$ daily cpm
UAE + TA + SA + JP + LATAM 3$ daily cpm
Rest of world 1$ daily cpm

*Daily cpm – means that you get paid for your active users on a daily basis without no limitation!! If you have 1000 US DAU (daily active users), for example, you are getting 10$ a day, not only once like other SDK’s but every day!

In addition to all that – we are paying now net+15!

Frankly, I see no reason not to join our amazing success so feel free to contact me or Tamir to get started:
[email protected] Skype: idan-widdit
[email protected] Skype: tamir.widdit

One more thing – we are going to take a part in the two conferences next month (11/8-17-8) in Cologne (GDC and Gamescom).
We’ll be very happy to meet any one of you to grab a beer and discuss business opportunities ( we promise to come with a special promotion;)) so please contact us to set the meetings.

Wish you all the best,

For additional information please read our blog.