Suitable Ad Network for Trivia,Word,Quiz Game

Hi,Can any one tell me what’s suitable ad network for Trivia,Word,Quiz games?I don’t want an ad company which shows same ads again an again.Nor i would not wish to waste impressions showing ads that isn’t quite useful.

Can any one tell me which is best?Just to earn a decent amount from all those hard work.I would like to monetize my this app/game [b]Spot The Brand:Guess It![/b].Please download and rate comment or share it if you like :wink:

Valuable suggestion are most welcome.

Hello @ThemeBowlApp. What you need is Pollfish! Trivia,Word,Quiz games are the apps that have the highest completion rates on the platform :slight_smile:

Not mentioning the fact that you are the founder of this Pollfish is dishonest.

As for the initial question, in my experience AdMob is the most reliable source of ad revenue (I have had better eCPMs with other networks in the past, but that time is over).

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Hey @dasebasto! Sorry for that, I thought it was known within the forum that I am one of the founders of Pollfish. My fault though :slight_smile: