Suggestions for "Reward Videos" only mediation network

I am looking for a mediation network that is famous for Reward Videos mainly and having the maximum fill-rate. This is a core feature of my application and I would like to have 100% fill-rate and at-least a eCPM of 5$. Currently I am looking at Tapjoy network. Do you have any suggestions from your experiences?

Unity Ads, Chartboost, AdColony, Vungle.

Thanks… Is there a single mediation network instead of configuring all these 4 networks?

Yes, there is one! It is Supersonic! Go and check their website now. Hope it help! :slight_smile:

Appodeal , Supersonic & Heyzap

I just signed up for AerServ… Lets see how it goes…

Does mediation companies take out commission fee from the actual earnings from the ad provider?

I have used heyzap and appodeal.
Heyzap’s SDK is lighter and they have a great cross-promotion solution.
Appodeal squeeze all your earnings into one account, so you can use lots of networks without spreading your earnings too much.

If I sign up for 10 networks each each earn 10$, would the mediation company pay me 100$? How does it work?

@duggout, take a look at AdTapsy, we have rewarded video ads mediation as well and currently we support Vungle, AdColony, Applovin, Chartboost and Inmobi. We have also enabled it for AdMob so if you follow the documentation properly you can reward app users for watching admob videos as well.

More info:

Just signed up for AdTapsy. Though I integrated your SDK, your dashboard is not reflecting it. Also, no ads are displayed.

We just replied to you by email, can you please check it out?