Suggestion to monetize Personalization app ?

I have a personalization app which has 1700-2k daily downloads .I need suggestion to monetize it properly and get best out of it.Top traffic are from countries like India,Italy and USA .The app has a launch screen (Not splash Screen ) and a settings screen .

Which ad network is best for those mentioned countries especially Asian and type of ads ?

I suggest Appnext. I have a lot of traffic in Asian countries, and it’s been working very well me over there. Plus, they have an API that let’s you customize the ads (if you’re willing to invest in it). They can suggest where to put it.

Talk to @jonathan, he’s their representative in this forum.

i have a utility app and most of my traffic comes from india,brazil. I am using admob mediation with startapp and mobilecore with startapp has the highest priority its working good for me 1.20 - 2 $ ecpm.