Suggestion on Amazon Ads Backup Fill

I want to add another banner ad network to act as a backup to Amazon Ads, thats not Admob. I was thinking of trying mmedia, but was wondering if anyone has some suggestions on ads that would be in compliance with the amazon apps store.

All banner ads should be. Unfortunately AppBrain isn’t. Mmedia should be fine, although eCPM recently is quite low (can be lower even than admob sometimes). Maybe those new Airpush banners? I wonder what is their content typically (I hope no adults ads or antivirus ads only).

When I released my game last month I started with MMedia, AdMob and RevMob. Both MMedia and RevMob gave me ridiculously low eCPMs, so I’m sticking to AdMob only (and Amazon since 2 weeks ago, which is paying very well). If anyone has suggestions for non-bizarre banners I’m all ears also.

Non-bizarre I mean regular banners or fullscreens (interstitial) only, not push notification things or similars.

I had much the same experience with’s banner ads - i.e. very low eCPM (or unremarkable - and so why split revenue between admob and - and just use admob).

Add to that their shoddy documentation and inability to update their FAQ even after that issue being pointed out to them - the same questions kept being asked on this forum for months.

That suggests a REAL lack of interest by them - at least in their android business.

But lately I’ve heard good things on this forum regarding their interstitial payouts i.e. similar to other interstitials - so I was consider using them again (though AGAIN I found there to be big holes in their documentation - for example they add methods to classes and only time you hear of it is in eclipse).

Any experience with their interstitials - and if they are stable (don’t want to increase app crashes etc.) - because I really don’t have a great deal of confidence in their ability or interest in delivering rock-solid SDKs - when they are so sloppy and unresponsive to developer concerns earlier.

Are their interstitial payouts reasonably good - i.e. at least better than their banner ad eCPMs ?

Oddly some here have reported that their banner ad eCPMs may not be bad - so maybe it is some variation in demographic between different apps or whatever … ?