Suggestion for in-house ad server (Cross promoting our other apps in the app)As you a

As you all well aware that, marketing the app is not an easy task. When we have portfolio of apps, we can cross promote the new app in the every other app so that the new app gets the right visibility, with our existing users. I noticed that many of the companies are doing that with their own ad server. We want to have such a solution so that we can promote our new and other apps.

With my simple search, i found revive ad server, which is an open source solution.
I would like to know the suggestion from the people here about the alternatives available (esp. in house server) and the best practices that you follow for cross promoting your own apps.

You really don’t need any power server or wasting hundreds per month.
As a web developer I can advice you can use a shared hosting to make the task unless your apps will provide many many views at the same time ( For example, in the same second you will show your ad in 100000 different devices.

You just need a database and then insert there some info like the image / link to market and you’re done. In your app, you just need to call a specific PHP / ASP file that will get a value to show.

Please note that a query will be done in about 0,001 seconds unless your database is huge ( what I don’t think it will happen because you wont have so many apps to promote at the same time )

If you need I can work into something to you in the server side.

+1 for doing this with hosting. get a cheap shared hosting from reputable company like InterServer which will run you like $3-4 a month and use the MySQL and PHP that comes with it.