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I have been using AdMob for the past 2 years and I have been very satisfied. Lately I thought I try some more ad networks through admob mediation to see if I can improve my income. I have tried MobFox and I am extremely disappointed. I have opened a few tickets regarding integration, setting up eCPMs and other mediation networks, questions about the new AdMob (whether they support the new advertisement IDs or not) and it takes about a week until they reply. I have complained about this (the lack of support etc) and they completely ignore me.

Can anyone recommend another company (besides AdMob) for banner ads? I thought MobFox was professional from all I have read on the Internet but I was completely wrong. I also tried InMobi and I am quite satisfied with their support - they usually respond within a few hours, sometimes even minutes. I do not have data about income from InMobi yet so I cannot say anything about it, but as far as the support goes, I am completely satisfied with InMobi.


Hi @t99,

You should check out Avocarrot.

3 Reasons why Avocarrot is different and why you should try it out:

  1. You have full control on the user experience of the ads. Using Avocarrot, with minimal effort, you can make the ads look and feel like the existing content of your app, so it doesn’t feel annoying like banner ads. This implies higher CTRs and hence more revenues for you.

  2. You can use it alongside any other monetization sources without affecting your existing earnings. In other words, you make as much money you make atm and on top of that you make more money using our SDK for native ads!

  3. It takes only 15mins to try it out.

Give it a try and let me know in case there’s anything else I can do.


A lot of networks out there, and quite a few with good reputation. I reccomend appnext of course, you can read about us and our support in this forum.

Generally speaking, this is what I would do if I were you:

  1. pick a specific spot in your app to test a few ad networks - app launch, exit, between levels/pages, whatever.

  2. Pick 2-3 networks - appnext, avocarrot, startapp, airpush, mobile core.

  3. Devide the impression equally between the networks you chose.

  4. After 5-10 days, compare them in terms of support and revenue. Then go with the 2 highest paying networks.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi t99,

At Airpush, for Google Play, our Bundle SDK includes in app banner ads, our smart wall (with several sub ad types such as video, interstitials, overlay and more), and a pay per download ad type where you can earn up to $0.02 per new user install and EULA (end user license agreement). PM me if you want to chat further.


Steer clear of inMobi. Check out the link in my signature if you want more info.

I’m in the same boat as you, I started trying some Admob mediation as well alternative advertising methods ( AirPush ). I tried InMobi and Millennial Media as they seemed to be fairly big players in the ad network business. InMobi was extremely disappointing and generated pennies for me during my testing. Millennial Media was definitely better and I saw dollars of revenue from just a few installs.

I also implemented AirPush push and icon ads for non Google Play versions of my app which has been fairly mediocre revenue of a few cents per day. In the end I decided to drop InMobi for mediation and just stick to Millennial Media and AdMob. I also kept AirPush as it can’t hurt.

For what it’s worth, I suggest trying Millennial Media next, they’re the second biggest ad player on Android right behind AdMob. In my opinion that usually means higher and more consistent revenue.

Try [b]Mobilecore[/b] they have very good user interactive ads : Stickies and interstitials which get the attention of ur user quite often with CPM of 2$-4$ .
2) Try [b]Mobvista[/b] they have 10$ eCPM 3D Interstistials and 50$ threshold payment which is done every Friday !
3) For 3rd Party app stores you can try Airpush bundle 2 which provides 0.05$ per unique installs worldwide .


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3) Mobilecore get 100$ bonus by registering , on reaching 100k impressions !!!

mC steekeez earn pennies to me

Which ad network for banner?

What are your top GEOS? Do you only plan to use banners?

@t99 Try Tapit! Home - TapIt by Phunware you can integrate easily through admob mediation. Tapit offers the best customer/technical support b/c you’re dealing with real account managers and people that really care about publishers. Also Tapit is owned by an app developer company called Phunware. Phunware builds apps for brands like the WWE, the NFL Network, the Sochi Olympics, and more so they can also offer some pretty cool specs for publishers that are using their ad network.

It took me like 8 emails to get paid from tap it a few months late. Ymmv

United States, Russia, Germany, France… I am planning to use an App Wall or something like that for my main applications. I do not want to use interstitial ads.

Hello everyone. I am new to the forum so… nice to meet you all !

I am very new to android apps and I have been searching for a way to test ad networks.
A way I found to Test my ad networks revenue is to use one Ad Network every day for a period of 15 days.
The following Java code explains how to do that.

Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();
cal.set(2014, 7, 12, 0, 0, 0);
DATE_START = cal.getTime();
Date today = Calendar.getInstance().getTime();

int daysOld = GetDaysDifference(today, DATE_START);

if (daysOld % 3 == 0)
// Display Ad Network #1 Banner
else if (daysOld % 3 == 1)
// Display Ad Network #2 Banner
else if (daysOld % 3 == 2)
// Display Ad Network #3 Banner

So every day my app is using an other add network :slight_smile:

Hi @kevinW, I apologize for any inconvenience that you might have incurred when asking about your previous payment status. I’d be more than happy to discuss with you further on how we can make our payment process more efficient for you. Feel free to dm me or we can also set up a call. Cheers!

That’s great! Those are solid GEOs. Your earnings and eCPM will be different for each ad unit utilized. Keep that in mind as you select ad units. Moreover, your user experience will change based on the ad units selected. May I ask why you are against full screen interstitial ads?

I am not against full screen interstitial ads, it is just that for this type of application (a weather forecast application), it is really a bad idea to have interstitial ads every time the user looks at the weather. There was another application that did this for some time and they removed it in the next version - I am sure that users gave bad ratings because of this.

Displaying banner ads at the top or bottom and having an option for an app wall would be sufficient for me at the moment.

I have small cfg file like:


on my public dropbox dir. My app at every first run download it and java code check and set everything :slight_smile: so you can manipulate with networks live without updates :slight_smile:

I like your option with the config file.
I tried to do it last night but I figured out that the best way is to create a web service to manage my ads, so… I created a web service


We are working in something like that. One library that includes the most well known ad networks, and from the dashboard you will be able to update on real time what network you want to show, per country, ad location (app launch/exit, banner, etc), without need to change anything in your app.

This is a preview:

Any of you would be interested on this? We will release a beta really soon.