Suggest Some unique methods to promote my App in App store

Suggest Some unique methods to promote my App in App store

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Developers use all their imagination and skills in order to create an efficient and unique application, promotion also remains an important task. There are a few ways of gaining a proper popularity, including advertisement, promotion in blogs and usage of app’s uniqueness. In the same time, you need to increase reviews to get significant result in your iOS App promotion.
When dealing with app promotion, every review must be quite informative and trustworthy for users to be sure of your app efficiency. A top quality app review is a key to a great success among users since such kind of review brings enough information for the user to like your app. For this reason I can advise you review service providers like MoPeak.

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This article highlights the most efficient methods of app promotion in App Stores.

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You can take a look at Google Instant!
An Instant Google is not a separate and fully-functioning app like a native app. It’s the upgrade to your existing Android app, more like a demo for customers to instantly try out before installing the full version. Instant App is where your brand demos the best features of your native app in a fast and convenient way to new users and prompt them to download it.
To enable instant access, Android app has been split into smaller modules. When the URL is clicked, only the necessary modules to display on-demand instant app is downloaded and launched immediately, just as quick as loading a webpage. Then if users want your app added to their home screen, they just need to install the full app. When it is downloaded and installed on their devices, tapping on the link will launch the native app instead.
Until now, Instant Apps have been available on the latest Android devices from Android 6.0, across over 40 countries and soon expanding to other devices and countries as well. With all of its benefits for both customers and brands, Google Instant Apps have quickly rolled out to over 500 million devices and this number is still growing fast. Businesses have already seen an increase in acquisition and conversion since the launch of their instant apps. As mentioned in Google’s developer blog post, Jet – the shopping app owned by Walmart, have its conversion rate increased by 27% with the release of Jet Instant App.

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Guys thanks for talking here to help me. your advice helps a lot to promote my app in app store. Thanks a lot