[Suggest] Ad Network based on Impresions

Hello MMWA Community,
I previously had started a thread asking suggestions for ad networks as I had completely no idea about what Ad network to choose. From your suggestions I opted for StartApp. Now, the thing with StartApp is that my ecpm has been stuck on 0 since 10 days. The reason that I think is causing this is my total no. of downloads. I’ve not really spread the news about my app with my friends as the current app is buggy and I wanted them to check it out once my app gets better. This is why there have been only 10 downloads till now.


I was leisurely browsing the FAQ section over at StartApp when I came across the following lines:

Pay per download – We pay you for every download of your application with our SDK…

Correct me if I’m wrong, this says that I’m gonna earn only based on number of downloads and not impressions, right?
If so then please suggest me an Ad network which pays based on no. of impressions and not no. of downloads. If you happen to use the same Ad network then please provide some stats if possible as they would be very helpful. Thank you!

No startapppays on both downloads and Impressions. You have less number of imprations that is why you are unable to see any revenue.
check the following screen shot.


I’m guessing you see 0 eCPM because you don’t have enough impressions (eCPM means revenue per 1,000 impressions). Most ad networks pay based on impressions, but the numbers change depending on your users quality (and as a result the number of clicks / results they generate). If you’re interested in increasing your eCPMs, you can try AdBoost - it’s an add-on SDK that improves the ad networks targeting (NB - I work at Adience, the developer), so that you get better revenues. You should really try to work on your distribution though…

Thank you very much emmastacey and Sasha! emmastacey you completely answered my question and sincerely thank you for that. And Sasha I will take that to a consideration. Thank you again.

I am trying startapp now and I have 13k impressions with 0 ecpm. Something is wrong with startapp.

No there isn’t. 13 impressions is nothing. You’re almost guaranteed not to make any revenue from a handful of impressions.

If you’ve displayed over 1k-2k and you’re still not making anything then get hold of their support. Otherwise just wake up a bit.

Sorry is not 13 impressions is 13k and ecpm is 0.

Ok, well you should contact their (great) support. Hopefully its a minor issue. In any case, if youv’e shown 13k ads and haven’t earned anything then something is wrong.

Yes something is wrong today I have 22k impressions and still 0 ecpm.

Look the reply from startapp:
The revenue is calculated per country, and since it did not reach $1 in each county, our system is rounding the revenue down to zero.

I suggest that you add more traffic to the banner, and test the performance that way.

This is ridiculous. I never got this ecpm in any network.

how many clicks?

My dashboard dont show the clicks

if your clicks are 0, your eCPM will be 0. sometimes i get 40000 impressions a day, and 0 eCPM, but most of the time is 0,01. and i guess that’s because of the very low number of clicks…

Hello Guys,
I was using StartApp for two years. I used interstitial,splash,slider and banner in my app. When Google updated their content policy, this Ad network in not 100% compliant to Google Play content Policy.
My three accounts terminated just because of integrating StartApp SDK. Its interstitial ad does not show close or cross button to dismiss this Ad.
This problem I found in HTC Desire U. I had very good experience of StartApp and AirPush but now it seems that these two ad network are not compliant to Google Play Content Policy.
I did not get proper answer from StartApp, they simply replied after investigating “This is very rare case”.
AirPush accepted their SDK was not compliant and I have not used their updated sdk.

Can anyone suggest me some good ad networks that pays on download and impression basis like startapp.

This is bad guys…

(I didn’t open MMWA due to exams. And now this?)