Sudoku Game Free

Hey, I just wrote a Sudoku Game and released couple days ago and wanted to share with you…

You won’t be looking for a paper Sudoku ever again!

  • Free
  • Three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. Many Sudoku sequences retrieved randomly.
  • Auto-save (stop and continue whenever you want)
  • High Scores
  • All numbers or only available numbers…
  • Nice user interface
  • Real time competitions (soon)

You can download the game for free from here:


I updated and have put some hints with coins that you can earn via tapjoy offer screen.
now it looks pretty nice )

That popup of number is bad. Better move that popup as fixed numbers at bottom of puzzle and let users click on numbers from this fixed list. Many such Soduku games are doing it. Just check other soduku games.
And congrats, I saw your game being in Top new free list in India. Are you buying installs using some ads?

Thanks, I will do that and give a choice to the user to choose between the popup and fixed numbers at the bottom (after couple days). Before starting I asked from some Sudoku fans and they suggested popup, but seems the other is also nice.

Thanks, I didn’t know that. No, I am not buying installs