Sudoku app- sharpen your mind

Hello guys. Surely all of us go through tedious periods of waiting with nothing to do, especially when waiting for the bus or waiting for your lover to finish dressing up to get to the meeting place. Personally, I got all that combo too, took the bus to the restaurant and waited for an hour to see her, it was really really boring. At times like that, I often find some offline apps to play to ease my boredom. I prefer those brainstorming puzzle games. Therefore I decided to make a Sudoku app for killing time and it is quite good so I want to introduce it to you guys.
This is the sudoku game. Surely you guys have heard the name of this game before. The rules of the game are quite simple, you guys fill in 1-9 in the blanks so that each row, column, small square, the numbers 1-9 appear only once. When I first started playing to kill some time but later I was addicted to this game. Although playing this game using the brain is not much, but over time it will train me to have extremely good reflexes
Features I like best of this app:
:pencil2: Extremely simple play interface: The game has 3 colors for yourself to customize. I usually use brown because it’s the best
:pencil2: There are 4 levels from easy to difficult, suitable for beginners like me to veteran players.
:pencil2: This game does not require an internet connection to play
:pencil2: Some of the game’s rounds are taken from sudoku world competitions.
:pencil2: It allows me to mark or write down the number boxes that I wonder about, this is a huge plus
:pencil2: Automatically save the rounds .When I get off the bus or when my lover comes, I always turn off the engine and it saves itself.
:pencil2: I have never had a lag when playing games. My device plays very smoothly. It proves that the game is well optimized for the software.
However, this game also has a few features that I don’t like:
The number of errors allowed is a little bit. Sometimes I clicked wrong box but it said “ Game over” .
Game music is really not necessary, sometimes I play in the street, the outside sound is loud and the game music is too small. Sometimes you don’t notice the extra battery drain. That’s because I’m careless, but you can completely turn off game music in the settings.
Overall, this Sudoku game is really a good game. My most favorite is its simple interface. If you guys like a game dedicated to killing time, or a brainstorming game for reflex thinking then I guarantee this game is a great choice.
You can download the game by click here.
Hope you guys review and thank you