Sudden Interstitials ad pop up allowed?

I wanted to know if sudden pop up of interstitial ads is allowed or not.

I have checked few apps in GP which shows interstitial ads on random basis and chances are more to click them by mistake.

Usually i show interstitial ads on exit or between the activity transtitions or after some specific function is used and they are very less clicked.

  1. so i wanted to know if i can show them on random basis and take the benifit?

  2. is it against GP policies?

I don’t know whether it’s allowed or not, but I think you’d risk alienating your users by doing that. Depending on the type of app it could be extremely annoying to have ads pop up randomly. I know if I was playing a game or trying to complete a task in an app and an interstitial appeared in the middle of what I was doing, I would probably just delete that app and find one with less intrusive ads.

Sometimes ads will pop up “randomly” in any case, such as a launch interstitial. Ad Listeners create the best experience, but not every network has them.

You do not want to randomize CPC or CPM interstitials as you will either get flagged for invalid clicks or drive down the value of your traffic.
You don’t want to do it with CPI/CPA either since, as @Arashikage said, you will only annoy your users. If they accidentally get re-directed they are very unlikely to be interested in the actual offer/app.

Present interstitials at natural breaks during the app cycle. Users will be more open to ads and are not as keen to engage with the app.