Sucess without PlayStore

To be honest I think Developer Select was hurting devs not having the resources to implement their stupid apis, so I like that they end it. Although I suppose others earned much through it.

forget the others about to be main of your app’s homebase dude. Use G-Play as your main home base for all of your apps, and user the others only for support. If your account terminated then create new accounts. Many people out there only use G-play because of the poor of knowledge or lazy setting their phone or maybe because they were aware. Just suggestion. Take it or Leave it

An ironic thing to post on this forum, but I would actually reccomend hopping ship to iOS. I’m currently doing dev there after getting banned by Google, and and making 1.5x - 2x as much as I was on Android (mainly due to having more apps & downloads). You have to have a Mac to make iOS apps, and you’ll need to learn Objective-C, but it only takes a few weeks at most to learn properly before you can start making proper apps.

Also, Apple has much better line of communication with devs. I recently had an app rejected for copyright, and sent a message to apple with evidence supporting that my app is actually allowed to come online. Whilst google would have just dismissed me, apple actually listened, re-reviewed the app, and accepted it. Also, if you’re banned, I’m fairly certain you can simply create a new company, rather than being banned for life, as you are on Android. Life on iOS is much cleaner i.m.o.

@HeirOfTheSurvivor - care to say how are you marketing your games/apps? Mine get 100x less downloads than on Android.

@Magnesus I basically make full use of reddit. You can tell how popular a niche is by how large its community on reddit is. Getting on the front-page of a subreddit isn’t really that difficult, even if you’re advertising on the forum for league of legends. I haven’t perfected my posting-style yet, but I’ll post my apps on reddit for a day or 2, after which I allow it to climb through the search rankings on its own. When posting on reddit, I have about 4 alternative accounts which I use to inflate the post’s rating to get it to the frontpage more quickly (though I should have more accounts, really). What’s most important, I’m learning, is having a quality app. You can have the greatest marketing in the world, but if the app is shit, it will eventually suffer in ratings, organic downloads and user retention (as I have learnt the hard way, and am now fixing).

TL;DR: Post on reddit forums which cater to your niche to get your app up there in the search rankings. After that, let it climb on its own.

Reddit stops you from posting links after posting a few (for new users) - how do you get around this?

Use your reddit account :slight_smile:

I actually had the same problem as you talk about when I first tried using it for promotion, so I ended up just using reddit daily. Submitting links, posting comments; soon enough my account was classified as legit, and I could post away! Doesn’t seem to take terribly long :slight_smile:

Thanks im going to give Reddit another go.

That is excellent thinking outside the box, good job ! Now master a few other social media networks and you are golden;)

@HeirOfTheSurvivor About the search ranking You said, what is it? If you mean the google search ranking, as I know, only search in Google Play may be affected, but Apple Appstore should not be affected.

I’m talking about getting downloads, and having your app go up in the iOS App Store rankings (not google) :slight_smile:

I see, thanks. :slight_smile: