Sucess without PlayStore

Hi Guys,

My account after 4 years, my account was terminated!
I would like to know if it is possible have sucess in Amazon, Getjar, Opera and other stores without Playstore.
Just Android System.


Here are my choices for publishing: Opera Mobile Store, 1Mobile, Getjar, Apptoide, Amazon, Appslib, Softsonic, Mobango, SlideMe, and F-Droid. Publish on all of these and I guarantee you will generate probably more downloads then on google play. In other words, there are tons of alternatives to choose from, some with new market potential and over 500 million users.

We did that one time and got 2000 total downloads in one month for an app with 100.000 downloads on google play. No idea how to get downloads there.

SlideMe seems to inflate the figures. (in our experience)

Yeah but it is still worth publishing to it, considering that it can increase your app popularity.

Opera redirecting to Google Play

Opera Mobile Store is taking this action to better comply with Google’s
developer license and improve developer’s statistical performance.
Google’s developer license requires that all Android apps deliver APK’s
to Android devices through Google Play. This change is expected to
deliver better conversion to install rates for developers. Google Play
supports delayed downloads over Wifi networks, installing your app after
the download is completed. Many devices are configured to warn users
when they try to install an app from third party sources.

Just got this today…

Amazon is okay for me. You can try it.

Yeah Johna, I try to publish in the Opera but I received this email
“Unfortunately, you won’t be able to publish android apps on our store, if you don’t have account on Google Play.”
Opera is out to me!

Wow, this is really weird. Especially since Opera was supposed to take over Nokia X store… Does that mean Opera Store is no more? I have only one app with zero downloads on Opera but I don’t like that Google Play has monopoly.

MONOPOLY! that is the biggest problem, I will like to see store from developers for developers only where no big companies are allowed so that the small developers can reach the users, and where no low quality apps are allowed … or even rip off / clones

BTW , the app market is flooded with software for almost everything… I will say, there is no more place for apps/games… with the available number of free apps and games this will be enough for the next 5-7 Years…
and dont forget the bad thing “monetize with ads” - I HATE ADS… even som web sites a pushing very agressivly ads to the user… I have adblocker but yahoo shows with every clip one ad - that is killing me, and want to push fullscreen ad with iframe… I use Opera Browser 12 so I just block with One click the iframe :smiley:

I have a question to Opera, if it just distribute apps that have in the PLAY STORE, whats the reason of existence OPERA STORE???

Opera is great, …for android it was great… it was possible to download the .apk file from Opera store and side load it to your device. It works with Yandex and uses OpenStandart for app distribution. It has mainly the East Europe and Asia where Google doesnt have the market. I have many installs, but it seems google admob doesnt send ads to this devices, so no income from there… the same with Kindle and amazon store… I have installs but no Ads are loaded… at the end f.u.c.k. Google if it is possible…
I must replace admob…


My Amazon Kindle Device:
01-05 21:02:44.233 18763-18763/? I/Ads﹕ Starting ad request.
01-05 21:02:44.233 18763-18763/? I/Ads﹕ Use AdRequest.Builder.addTestDevice(“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”) to get test ads on this device.

Sends only test ads, nothing more…
01-05 21:00:59.780 18763-18763/? I/Ads﹕ Starting ad request.
01-05 21:01:12.413 18763-18788/? W/Ads﹕ There was a problem getting an ad response. ErrorCode: 0
01-05 21:02:44.233 18763-18763/? I/Ads﹕ Starting ad request.
01-05 21:02:56.171 18763-18951/? W/Ads﹕ There was a problem getting an ad response. ErrorCode: 0

I cannot have 3-4 version of the same App with different ad networks… it is shard to support… admob is OK only for google play store devices…

So, I think that we (developers) will have dark future!

@johna - try Amazon Ads for Amazon AppStore.
@profeta - when Android stops being profitable we will move to something else. I have a few backup plans for such situations that are on hold for now because Android is still earning the most for me.

If you use startapp in the amazon, works?

Amazon ad works best in Amazon. Alternatively, pollfish is also ok. I think other ad networks may not works well as many of them redirect users to Play Store.

By any chance, did pollfish hire you to be their glory knight of propaganda? I see you hyping them in any post you write.


Anyway, if you have a better suggestion for ad network in Amazon, please tell. This is much more constructive instead of question my suggestion. I believe developers here will choose and survey the ad network itself before trying.

Hi Profeta,

Sorry to hear that you got banned from Google Play. There are so many other markets you can use to generate installs, and they are more lenient than Google.
For these other markets, the Airpush Bundle 2 SDK is the best option. It pays up to $0.05 per new user install and EULA (end user license agreement) opt in wold wide, at a $50 eCPM.

Please let me know if you would like to test this out.
Good luck!


Airpush Nick

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