Successful strategy for mobile app promotion and marketing with low budget.

Successful strategy for mobile app promotion and marketing with low budget.

Incoming data:
Cleaner app on Google play.
Downloads – less than 500k.
Rating – 4,2
Monthly revenue — less than 4k USD


  1. Increase number of downloads up to 1-1,5 ml
  2. Increase rating over 4,5
  3. Increase revenue over 5k USD monthly

Key milestones for the strategy:

  1. Make the app stand next to closest competitor.
  2. Increase search ranking to pos. 1-15
  3. Increase revenue from In-App purchases and ads

What’s been done.

  1. ASO made. provided descriptions, icon sketches and title suggestions. Title was changed, icon redone. Main target was US, for future Ad-network connection.
    Result: US Share of users increased from 7% to 18%. App rank moved from 139 to 58 pos. in search for “Cleaner”. Spent 250 USD.
  2. Boost in rankings. First round required 3k incent installs by keyword. Thanks to for a discount, cost 3000 x 0,9 = $270. Second round 5k installs x 0,09 = $450. Third round, simple installs for organic uplift in US, 9k installs x 0,05 = $450.
    Result: pos. 1 in search for “Just cleaner”, Pos. 7 in search for “Cleaner” “Memory Boost” “Memory clean” “Phone boost” etc.
    Organic uplift brought more than 15k new US users in 1st week, and more than 25k in second week after boost. Rating increased to 4,5.
    Spent 1170 USD. Each new user cost $0,03.
  3. Second changes for icons and screenshots, improvement of description. Spent $180. Organic uplift +19%. Reduce of file size. Result: achieved 1mln downloads.
  4. Supporting the pos. in rankings with incent installs (10k x 0,09 = $ 900). Including SDK from with more than 20 ad-networks in waterfall mode. Result: revenue from ads got over 10k USD monthly.

Total results:
Total downloads over 3,5 mln.
Rating over 4,5
US users + 11%
Worldwide users + 600%
Revenue increase +250%
The app stands next to it’s competitor by cheetah mobile, the ranking is 1-14 in any relevant search.
Total budget $ 2500. New user cost $0,0008 (!).
Time spent 9 months.

Current stats of app on Google play:
Source for incent installs:
Source for ASO and organic uplift boost: