Successful apps

I found an information that around 60% off apps are basically never downloaded and there are hundreds of thousands of them. What is the solution to win global audience in your opinion?

Not to be glib or anything… but the answer is:

WIN THE LOTTERY … erhm… I mean: Get featured on Google Play !

there is no ever-working-recipe for that. If there were, everyone would use it, and you have the same result

Really know your stuff. Do focus groups and usability testing. Know how to metric and increase addictive gameplay. Know the tradeoff between annoying customers with advertising and too much advertising. Maximize your revenue accordingly.

And above all… you need a winning concept.

Oh… and one last thing:

And keep in mind that some succesfull games work like they didn’t do any of that. :wink: For example Wind-up Knight has some really strange quircks in the user interface. :slight_smile:

may ppl do it and never get sales or they get low ratings what steps can i do to not be one of them

If you think that your app is never downloaded so many times that means there is something happen with your app that people not liking. Try to find out the solution and do marketing as well which is the best way to get people attention.

You have to consider the % of really bad /spam/fake apps out there, which i think it is more than 60%

As people commented before, there is no single formula for getting downloads. I believe though, that the most important characteristic, at least in games, is the simplicity