Submitting to China app stores

Hi Guys,

As a UK based Android game developer we have recently had a few games released on China Mobile and 189 stores via a publisher/distributor who have a presence in-country.

For our future titles I’m currently investigating the idea of submitting to these Chinese app stores ourselves in order to hopefully bypass the ‘middle man’ so to speak.

Lots of links to the app stores ‘developer centres’ exist, however it seems I’ve failed at the first hurdle. During the registration process I am being asked for our Chinese business license number and Tax registration number. I cannot seem to bypass this section or submit our UK business details in order to continue. Either that or I’m being asked to input a Chinese mobile number in order to receive a verification code.

Just wondering if anyone else had any experience of self submitting to these China stores? It seems as though anyone outside of China is not allowed to submit apps? Is that correct?

Thanks in advance

Hire some one from Should help you in good sleep.

How did you submit your app to 189 stores? One by one?

I’m guessing his publisher/distributor did this job one by one. It’s not that hard, in a few days they had it covered if everything went smoothly…

Please report back at how successful your app was in these stores in comparison to Play etc.

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hire someone who is already working there and start posting