Submitted APP in Mobango Store, But it is not published

I submitted my App in Mobango 3 days back and there is no Review so far.
Anyone came across this store ever here :frowning:

It takes time to get an app published on it. Not worth the wait, but it got me a few downloads.

It took almost a week for publishing one of my games.

Don’t worry. Just move on. Soon or later it will be published.

My App is published on Mobango store finally.
Following are download stats.

it has been 5 days and total Installs/Downloads are: 1 (:smiley: can u believe this)
in GP i am getting downloads beween 2k-3k daily.

So from my point of view Mobango is useless for following reasons:-

  • Takes very very long time approx 7 days to approve the App
  • Downloads are equal to almost NILL

I am sorry to hear that your app is getting so little downloads on Mobango

If my download status was same with GP, i could have blamed App itself.
But in this case i will definitely doubt Mobango. Or it may be the case that some specific Category applicaions like Games or Utility apps do good with Mobango.