Study market niche profitabilty

I am searching for niches and was wondering whats the best ways/tools to study a market niche. So i have the following questions:

  • Is there any tool that perhaps predicts the amount of searchs for a term like google adwords but for google play?
  • A way to see what type, gender and age the traffic is composed about?
  • How to calculate the search vs the competition for a search term, for this case i found that appbrain gives some info but i would like some absolute numbers if possible and not just some relative bars.

And of course any other strategies that might be relevant are all welcome :slight_smile:

Good questions…

If there is such a tool, u will not get it for sure. Who will share it with u? It would be a second federal reserve bank)) in mobile world.

You can try to find your own niche. Just see your skills, what u can do, and then build something. If u can create a game, any game with some really nice design and gameplay will pay off your time. Most ppl, create just a template games with bullshit design and then start to complain that it didn’t work. Take some old games from 90, and build them for phones. All games at that time were 2d, so it will be easy to take the idea and implement it in mobile, as the 2d is still popular in mobile phones.
The same with apps. Build something that u would use yourself.

And as the last option, u can just do copy-paste apps. U can download sources from git, change a little bit design, and start publishing them to market. If every “copy-paste” app/game will make u 2$/day… 50*2=100$… 100$/day from copy-paste… not bad?))

Don’t go too deep in to tools and some gold/vip strategies. Improve your skills, build some high quality app/game just for yourself. make yourself happy first. If u dont want to spend so much time and u just want to make money, then go with copy-paste. It’s approved strategy, for many many years from a lot of ppl experience.

P.S too much philosophy for one post)

copy/paste = ban … most of the time, but whatever floats your boat :slight_smile:

its not possible to guesstimate numbers on this but what I do is research with appannie and amount of apps on google play search results. that gives me an idea of what to go after. if the search has too many results, it will be hard to position yourself in the beginning, go small at first and grow outwards.

I usually discard anything which is not going to work in U.S. market with exceptions. yes appannie and searchman is good source

same here. all the ad money is in USA, so if you are going to make an app, it might as well be popular where all the money is :slight_smile:

Agree with you guys about the US, though some other areas like Germany and the UK seem to become on par in terms of ctr & ecpm. Not in volume though so still probably dangerous to focus only in these countries

I am using mobiledevhq and it kind of helps. Is not exactly what you have mentioned but you might find it useful. Own dashboard, see how you rank and also difficulty/volume for keywords and how competition ranks. The downside is that you will have yet another dashboard to track. :slight_smile:
Hope this helped!

Thank you all for answering :slight_smile: i might check that mobiledevhq never heard of it before, just have signup and thats it? Or do you have to link my account like distimo?

You just sign up and search for you app, this is how I remember it worked - its quite an easy process anyway :slight_smile: