STUDIOGAAS - Madrid and Brazil - how to get our feet wet...

Hey guys,

My name is Gus, I’m a designer/architect.
My studio ( recently opened an office
in Madrid ( we have one in Brazil ) that is focused in graphic design only.

You can check our work here: ( Graphic Design, including apps and webs ) ( Architecture and Spatial design )

We’d like to hear from you on how to advertise our design company and really start designing more and more apps.
We have done some apps, and we’re happy about the result ( as well the Developer…He got more downloads just by considerably improving the design ).
We are not Developers ( that your job, guys…). We only do Design !



Have you tried Freelancing sites , there are many and a lot of opportunities are there ,

Also you can prepare a standard proposal for Mobile apps with an initial cost …

You should hit developer forums like this one. I think it should be enough to get you started. Although your portfolio is a bit lacking - only one type of design for phones (clear but quite “dull” - sorry for the word, couldn’t find a better one) and the screenshots are quite small. Could you show sth more graphic intense or with different styles? (sharp, colorful, dull, modern, classic etc.) Do you also design icons? If so - show it in your portfolio. Show examples on tablets too. You could consider posting example prices but I think in such work it too highly depends on the project.

Thank you Magnesus and Pharaoh…These are great advices and I will consider all of them.

hi, are you doing web design as well?

yes, as I said, studiogaas graphics is a branch of my original architecture office that is focused on graphic design only.
So, yes, we do web design as well. Because this is a fairly new adventure we got into our graphic design portfolio is still
a bit small ( we recently finished 3 web pages with 2 more underway…). That’s why we’re here: to get a better sense of how
designing for developers work and to do some networking as well.

Hi Gus,

The site didn’t work for me in firefox, it did open in Chrome though.
also maybe you can get some inspiration on how to show present your work + also sign up to sites like: Online Portfolios on Behance or Best Mobile Designers In The World | Scoutzie
which already have some audience of people looking for designers.

Good luck!

Same for me. This is a complete red flag. I would NEVER hire someone that can’t even get HTML right and test their website in a browser that has 25% of the market.