Strategy To Promote and Rank Your Mobile Apps

Here is the strategy to promote and rank your Mobile apps in effective way.

Follow these steps and you’ll find excellent results.

Step 1

SEO/ASO: There are basic ASO mechanics to promote your app in the store. However, as with SEO, quality content is central to successful ASO. In simple terms, here’s what we will do to optimize your app: Develop relevant keywords, and use them to name and describe your app.

  1. App Title
  2. Company Name (if possible)
  3. App Description
  4. Keywords
  5. Image Titles
  6. Create a new website/Landing page

Step 2:

Make a plan of all Targets like:

  1. Who Will Use My App? (User age, gender)
  2. What Is My Competition? (All available Relevant Games)
  3. Why Will My Product Be Unique? (Description of App)
  4. When Will I get it done? (Time span to achieve the goal)
  5. How Will People Interact with My App? (Medium)

Step 3

Submission of app on Different Websites so that Users can download. These ad networks run ads directly on the iPhone itself, embedded in other apps.

  1. AdMob
  2. Appflood,
  3. NativeX
  4. AppLift
  5. Appia
  6. Leadbolt
  7. InstaZebra
  8. Jampp
  9. Brusmedia
  10. TapJoy
  11. Fiksu
  12. W3i
  13. Flurry
  14. Applifier
  15. AppBrain
  16. ChartBoost
  17. G6pay

Step 4

Media Coverage. Make a video or promo of the APP, submit it on all channels.

Step 5

Create Free Trail and Paid Versions. a large user base by promoting your free app (either trial or with ads). If the user requires more functionality or features of the full app, provide an option to buy it within the app using the in-app purchases.

Step 6

• App Marketing through Press Release
• Marketing Via Facebook , Twitter, G+
• Forums and discussion boards
• Images optimization
• Classified Ads submission
• Paid advertising on Social media
• Getting More App Reviews
• Local stories board
• Traditional media - newspapers, magazines, TV shows for Ads
• Search marketing like Google AdWords , Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing Search Marketing
• Add to the iTunes app store directly
• Promote through Giveaway’s and Coupons

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